Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mini Music Video

Made this music video for my animation class! It was a really good excuse to push myself to use nuke more/ at all. Nuke is definitely much less intimidating now, but still need more practice!
I didn't have much direction when I started this piece... but I do like the way it turned out. :) yay! 

Here is a link to this project on my website! I've been trying to spiff up my projects + website-- I think/hope it looks good. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Best of Ringling

I was very fortunate to be awarded the Junior Award at the Best of Ringling friday night. :) 
After the ceremony our major had a cute little mixer where everyone received their Addy awards, so I got a trophy for winning Judge's Choice with Julia Dunn for our piece PSA: Art is Offensive! 
It was an amazing night: other great artists won awesome awards, gewd beer was drank, and everyone was all dressed up! haha Congrats to all and thank you to everyone who has pushed me to do better. 

Here are some random type studies I had done for "Best of Motion." It was a part of a possible theme for the Best of Ringling category slates, but wasn't selected. I had a lot of playing with this type though, so I thought I'd share. 



Thursday, April 3, 2014


Fun little gif I mades fer concept class.
Inspired by my Snicks & Dudes. :)
Made using animdessin in photoshop.

(It should be infinitely looping...
it is on my computer but idk if it is in this post) 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hair Colored Flowers

My very sweet boyfriend saw flowers that matched the red color I just recently dyed my hair :)
So I painted them! 
I did the painting while they were still mostly alive... the pictures of the real flowers here I took a little later. 

It isn't my best painting, but I really like the way some of the flowers turned out--
It was super sweet to get flowers in the first place. <3 br="" nbsp="">

Monday, March 24, 2014

Abstract Projection


This is a video I had created to be projected on a mason jar. We never actually took the time to project it in class but maybe one day I will fer fun. I kept it simple on purpose because I had no idea how it would look/ distort through the jar. 

I really like the song I found for this :)